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The area is fast-growing, with every established investor moving in to invest in real estate in the area.
As a real estate investment hub, this unique location in Istanbul will ensure that you get the maximum
profits even with a min price on capital. The demand for buying an apartment in Istanbul is at an all-time
high, with many people visiting for vacations or even to live there.
With an international airport, many road transport options and a seafront, the city of Zeytinburnu is a
place to be. The luxurious lifestyle of this district in Istanbul is enviable, with all that one can ever think
of being found here. The booming economic growth of the areas of Zeytinburnu makes it an investment
in Istanbul destination of choice for the world’s leading investors, as it guarantees high ROI.

The Geographical Location of Zeytinburnu?

The city center of Zeytinburnu is at the heart of Istanbul. The latitude of Zeytinburnu 40.99 and
longitudes 28.99. Due to this central location, Zeytinburnu is a unique location for anyone looking to buy
a commercial property. In Istanbul, the city of Zeytinburnu is the 11th largest, with a population of
around 288,743 people. The town is near Istanbul, making it follow Istanbul’s time zone. Its time zone is

To the east of Zeytinburnu districts is Faith area, Bayrampasa to the north, to the west is Bakirkoy, and
north-west is Esenlar and the Marmara Sea to the south. The real estate value of the districts of
Zeytinburnu has gone up in the recent past. And this is because of the coastal overlook of the area,
which lies near Topkapi in the city of Istanbul.

The Distinctive Architectural Renaissance of Zeytinburnu

In the recent past, the area of Zeytinburnu has become a destination for people looking to buy a luxury
residence. Also, the city is now a vital destination for those looking for a place to put up luxury projects
like luxury hotels. The majority of luxurious Istanbul apartments are located in this area.
The city center of Zeytinburnu has always is known to be a trade and industrial center, save for the
recent developments. It is these developments that have enhanced the overall urban renaissance of the
For over ten years, modern business offices, luxury shopping malls, as well as modern residential
complexes, have mushroomed. Due to these, many individuals in Turkey and beyond have sought to buy
real estate within this area. And it is not just that, the same developments have led to a general increase
in Istanbul real estate prices, due to the influx of people to the area.
Compared to other coastal areas of Istanbul, Zeytinburnu is a fast-developing area. For the lovers of
shopping, clothing, and real leather in Turkey, the district has become part and parcel of their lives.

The living standards in the city of Zeytinburnu have also increased in the recent past, making it an
attractive residential area for turki8sh citizens as well as foreigners who want to get Turkish citizenship.
With a productive social environment, Zeytinburnu boasts of enabling those living in it with a luxurious
life, with luxury hotels and restaurants and large shopping centers found within it.
One of the most extensive shopping malls, residential complexes, center, the Capacity Mall, and Olivium
Outlet center are all located in Zeytinburnu. And it is not just these luxurious amenities; you will also
find high-end schools and health facilities in this city.

Modern systems have been installed in residential homes in the town of Zeytinburnu. Modern systems
make it possible for the owners of these homes to control them from anywhere. This advanced system
has up-scaled the living standards of the area.
And there are those families who visit the city center of Zeytinburnu to get rental apartments to spend
their vacations. You will find vacation rentals with min price that have enough parking space. The
parking area is internal, usually on the ground floor area, and thus you don’t have to worry about
competition from other people who have rented within the region.
Each apartment provides the clients with an indispensable parking area, with around-the-clock security.
As part of the essential services provided by the luxury Istanbul hotels and luxury bedroom apartments

in Zeytinburnu, clients have access to a fitness center to help them keep fit, multiple lifts, to ensure that
they can get to an area where they can have the best view of the city as well as the black sea, and many
Also worth mentioning is the availability of unique water pools and children’s games which are spread
across the municipality of Zeytinburnu. During your free time, you can take your children to swim, or
even play games within the city.

The Blue Beach Project of Zeytinburnu

As we have already mentioned, the city of Zeytinburnu boasts of the highest number of projects in
Istanbul. Every year, more and more investors, both local and international register to do a project in
Istanbul. One of the most known and famous projects is the Blue Beach project. The Blue Beach has
been touted as an excellent project of Zeytinburnu, and below are some of the reasons why:

Location of Zeytinburnu

The project is located in one of the classiest districts of Istanbul Zeytinburnu. It provides a charming view
of the Sea of Marmara and the entire city. Also, the project is found near Istanbul’s ancient historic sites
and tourist sites, making it the top choice for those who are just on a viewing trip of Istanbul and other
tourism activities in Turkey.

Best Transport Options

For any investor, the choice of any investment place to buy a real estate property must be informed by
the availability of the best transport options. With the proper means of transport, the commuting times
can be much less. And this is a factor that makes the Blue project an iconic project in Zeytinburnu.
The Blue Beach project is only 50 meters away from Marmara metro station. And perhaps you should
remember that the Marmara metro station connects the two sides of Istanbul, the European side and
the Asian side. By having flats near this transport option, then you can have a very luxurious stay in
Istanbul. The project is also near the road to the Eurasia Tunnel, which was opened just recently.
With this route, you will be able to reach Asia within a short time, five minutes to be precise. It is also
worth mentioning that the project is near the Bakirkoy port. The port leads to Yalova, Modena, and
many other ports. The municipality has set up Istanbul airport to supplement the transport options of
the area. The airport is fundamental in bringing in people from various parts of the world.

Luxurious hotels and restaurants

The Blue Beach project has been designed for luxury. Many posh restaurants and shopping centers
surround it. Within its environs, you will not miss finding excellent swimming pools for kids and as well
as adults. Also, play stations for kids, bouncing castles, and more are available. You will also get excellent
healthcare services from well-equipped hospitals and health centers like the Armenian hospital.

Affordable prices

As an investor, you need to invest in a project that is affordable for you. The Blue Beach project provides
an investment option that one cannot afford to miss on. Depending on what you want, you can get a
centrally located apartment that goes for a low price.
You can select an excellent apartment with payment plans suitable for your financial ability from Terra
real estate. Short term rentals are also available. These are best for those on vacation and need a place
just for a few days. These are very affordable sea views apartments close to the sea that will allow you
to stay in for a short time. And even the max price of this Zeytinburnu luxury seafront apartments is still
very much affordable.

Excellent security of the area

Cases of insecurity in entire Turkey are generally low. The law enforcers have done all that is humanly
possible to ensure that the country remains a top location for investors. And with this comes the
enhancement security of the Blue Beach project, with smart control systems being used on these luxury
apartments. The systems give you total control of your residence in Istanbul. And where you are at any
one time does not matter.

The real estate property value of the project

When purchasing real estate turkey properties, one of the things that one must always think of is the
future value of the property. And within the Blue Beach project, one can see that the cost of any
Istanbul property type here is already high, and will continue to go high even in the future. With many
people choosing to settle or visit Zeytinburnu, one can only expect the value to go even higher as the
real estate markets become more lucrative. This is a real deal to any investor, as there is nothing like
dwindling property value given that property prices here keep on rising.

Whether you are an investor, an explorer, or just a visitor, there is everything for everyone in this district
of Istanbul. Think of any luxury life you want, the kind of transportation means, easy access to social
services like medication and others, then be sure they are all in Zeytinburnu. As a destination of choice,
the municipality of the area has put in place all mechanisms to ensure everyone feels at home. And as
such, as you think of when to buy property in Turkey, believe of Zeytinburnu, the unique location of

choice. And sure enough, Zeytinburnu will always be top in any property search you perform on any
property map of Turkey.

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