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The housing loan option that banks have prepared especially for those who want to be new hosts in the last 10 years is preferred by many people. Housing loans with long maturities and advantageous interest rates make it easier to buy a house, which is also a useful tool for those who sell houses. As with every loan application, everyone who applies for a housing loan can not get credit. The fact that those who want to buy a house depend on certain criteria, such as the fact that a loan is eligible, requires compliance with certain criteria.

Do you have floor ownership?

The floor easement, which is frequently used in new constructions, is included as a parameter for credit availability. The floor elevation, which means that the existing plot is converted to the apartment share cap at the beginning of the building construction, must be done without problems. After the floor elevation, it becomes the place for the floor ownership to be made for the apartment where the construction is taken. It is important that any mortgage, annotation or attachment for an eligible apartment is not on the circle and that the floor easement, housing and condominium are completed. You can get this information by contacting the municipality where the apartment is located.

Is the land registry information compliant?

All the information in the papers must be in one accord with the facts. This is a point that should be paid attention to, especially by borrowers who like to buy an apartment. If all the information declared on the title deed does not actually correspond to the existing information, and if this is caused by a mistake, the information must be arranged urgently. Banks that act transparently and completely in their credit transactions refrain from giving credit to tapes that have inconsistent or incomplete information. The fact that the information belonging to the land is complete and correct is considered as the first criterion in the credit approval process.

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