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Turkish property can be purchased at low property prices, and you can be assured of high returns, especially in Istanbul where there is low property tax, rental income tax, and income tax. This is one of the main reasons why Istanbul’s real estate market has always been on top of investors’ priority lists. 

Where to Look When Buying Capital Appreciation Projects

  • Pendik: This property on Istanbul’s Asian side is highly advanced, and it is close to the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. If you are buying property in this area, you can benefit from substantial great rental income. Much of what is needed is within walking distance in Pendik. It also connects to the Marmara Sea, so there are many options for sea view apartments. 
  • Sultanahmet: This is a district with easy access to amazing shops, restaurants, and the grand bazaar. Stunning views of the Blue Mosque make this place even more special. Blue Mosque is perfect for business travel and it makes the area investment worthy. 
  • Beylikduzu: This is another high-demand location for property in Istanbul. There have been several developments in this area, which makes it a great option for your investment. When you buy property in Beylikduzu, you can enjoy great sea views. 

What to do When Buying

  • The process of purchasing property should be done carefully after real estate marketing and capital appreciation evaluation. Make sure that you understand the pros and cons of owning apartments in Istanbul before you make an investment. 
  • If you are not sure about your choice when you’re buying real estate, then get help from a professional estate agent before making your investment. Property investing requires proper planning and guidance. You can also consider taking help from a buyer’s guides.
  • Choosing the most suitable neighborhood or location is the most important thing to consider during the buying process. You should include this in your property search, and it is best if you keep multiple choices of land at your disposal so that you can compare the available options and then choose the best one. 
  • You can buy property without legal help, but it would be great to have a lawyer come along with you. A lawyer can help you do better and more accurate negotiation and he can check all the legal aspects of the property for your benefit. 

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • Istanbul property investments are very simple, which has investors from all over the world coming here to invest. 
  • Istanbul has high rental demand, which guarantees rental profit if you decide to lend out your property. If it’s in a prime location, then the profits are even bigger. 
  • Lira is the currency of Turkey and it is weak in comparison to other currency. So, it is highly advantageous and affordable for foreign investors to invest in Turkey because they have a currency advantage. 
  • Capital growth, cash flow, and liquidity potential are extremely high in Turkey. Most importantly, there are many real estate projects available for you to invest in. You can get great finance options in real estate projects and mega projects in Istanbul. 
  • Turkey is both a business and a tourist, so it is perfect for residential and commercial investment because profits are high in both scenarios. 

Buying Projects Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

You can take advantage of new Turkish citizenship law to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. According to the new law, it is possible for investors to obtain residence permits on the basis of their real estate purchases. The verification of investment is done via an inspection trip, and then you can get legal Turkish citizenship on the basis of your investment. 

When you want to buy apartments with luxury facilities like swimming pools, it is often a high-cost investment. However, investing in Turkey allows you to get finance options that will make your investment possible. You can invest in capital appreciation projects and reap the benefits of high-value property investment.