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Investing in Turley is an excellent choice due to the wide variety of property options, which allow investors to increase their real estate profits in the long-term. Investors are consistently looking to invest in property in Turkey, which means that demand is very high for property in Istanbul. The sale value of property here is always higher than the purchase value, which makes investments here a smart choice for any investor. 

Where to Look When Buying an Apartment or Villa

  • Beylikdüzü: This is the perfect place for ready-to-move-in luxury sea view apartments. Beylikduzu lies at the heart of Istanbul, and its proximity to the Marmara Sea means that luxury sea view apartments are all the rage. 
  • Sultan Ahmet: This is a highly famous area, thanks to the Hagia Sophia mosque and museum. You can find excellent onsite facilities and accessible public transport in this area.
  • Büyükada: Büyükada is a beautiful location near the Marmara Sea. Real estate investment in this area is sure to be a great boon to your profits. Sea view apartments have always been in trend, and here they are in abundance and in a reasonable price range to boot.
  • Yeşilköy: This location is very much in demand because of the nearby Ataturk airport. Ataturk is one of the busiest airports in Istanbul, which makes it a highly desirable location for investing in Istanbul real estate.

What to do When Buying

  • Choose a property that is the most suitable for your investment. Do a property search based on your payment plan and budget. 
  • Get the professional help of an agent or use a buyer guide to understand the buying process for Turkish property better. 
  • Check local house prices and commercial property apartment prices to get the right idea about properties before you buy property in Turkey.
  • Make sure that you choose real estate with high development and growth potential. 

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • If you invest in properties in Turkey, then you have a guaranteed consistent income source. 
  • The rental benefits are high when you invest in apartments, luxury villas, and other real estate property in Turkey. Due to the high demand for property, long-term rental apartment in Istanbul is on the up and up. 
  • Development projects in Istanbul are helping the economy to grow, reflecting the high growth potential for investment capital. Property in Istanbul offers high liquidity potential as well. 
  • Due to its historical and architectural value, the European side of Istanbul is highly popular among tourists and businesses. All kinds of businesses benefit from high profits when they invest in property in Istanbul. 
  • Most of the high-demand locations are within walking distance of basic amenities and facilities such as shopping malls and medical assistance. 

Buying a Villa or Apartment Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

When you decide to invest in sea and lake view luxury villas, especially those that come with private swimming pools and other luxury facilities, you need a large budget. If you have the cash for such an investment, then you can easily earn Turkish citizenship. 

According to Turkish laws, your investments will need to be verified by inspections, so it’s good to be safe and get your residence permit first. Getting one is not hard, especially if you can make a significant investment. 

If you are looking for the best results from your investment, then investing in high-demand seaside property will guarantee high rental yields and ROI. All you need to do is make the right choice for your investment.