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If you would like to buy a studio bedroom apartment, luxury apartment, or any other type of real estate in Istanbul, there are many options available to you. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for, and at affordable prices too! 

Where to Look When Buying Studio Apartments

  • Beylikdüzü: This is the ideal place for those who prefer to invest in sea view apartments as it lies right along the Marmara Sea. Beylikduzu is excellent for family apartments, waterfront holiday rentals, and luxury homes. If you’re looking for commercial properties, there’s plenty to choose from there too.
  • Beyoglu: This location is famous for its historical value. Medieval architecture adds to the charm of Beyoglu, and you can find great property prices for the purchase of residential projects. 
  • Arnavutköy: This location is famous for its ancient history and the new Istanbul Airport serving internationally. You can find astounding luxury apartments, historic hotels, and commercial property at a value. 
  • Basın Ekspres: This is the perfect location for commercial purpose as it is one of the most important highways in the region as it connects to a major road network. It’s ideal for profitable property investments.

What to Do While Buying

  • Use the opportunity to invest in modern design apartments in Istanbul as they are a hot commodity at the moment. As they are in high demand, finding affordable apartments with enough space for you and your family is an unmissable chance. 
  • Get help from professionals or Istanbul area guides before buying property in Istanbul. It will help you to understand the buying process and the best apartment in the heart of Istanbul easily.
  • Check multiple real estate options and then choose the one that best suits you. Don’t forget to negotiate the costs when you can, so that you can use your budget wisely. Always consider the potential profit in the future.
  • Check the availability of financing options when you invest in real estate projects. You can easily find options for monthly installments. 

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • You will get high-level cash flow from your property. Since Istanbul is continuously under development, you can expect high growth potential as well. 
  • If you decide to rent, you will have the additional benefit of high rental income in Istanbul. The city is a business and tourism hub, so demand is high for vacation rentals and holiday homes/
  • If you invest in a hotel concept apartment in Istanbul, you will have the benefit of high liquidity potential. Therefore, when you decide to sell your property, there are high chances that you will profit more than you expected initially. 
  • The most significant benefit for investors who buy property in Turkey is that it is continuously in trend. Investors flock to purchase the high-demand properties.
  • Most areas in Turkey are within walking distance of anything one may need, plus the public transportation is excellent too 

Buying Studio Apartments Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

When you move to Istanbul and invest in property, you can get a residency permit based on your investment. Turkish laws allow for investors to earn citizenship easily. 

Investing in property in Istanbul can be hugely beneficial, especially if you do a little bit of research and management your property purchase wisely. After some time, you’ll easily be able to get a return on your investment.