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Several investment programs offer visa-free travel and Turkish citizenship by investment for investors of foreign nationality. Residence permits provided by citizenship programs could be permanent resident, elite residency, economic citizenship, and temporary citizenship. 

As per the citizenship law, the Turkish government completes the citizenship process through legal documents. These are the tax payments, details of the entire family, birth certificates, references of people who live in the country, personal income, official gazette, wealth declaration, property worth, properties purchased, investor visas, and bank account details.

There is a specific requirement of processing times for citizenship acquisition to gain Turkish nationality. Obtaining citizenship via an investment program is a much simple and quick process to get Turkish passports and citizenship in Turkey.

Investment Options to Obtain a Turkish Passport

  • You can also get Turkish citizenship by purchasing at least $500,000 in government bonds.
  • If you invest $500,000 foreign currency into Turkish banks, then the central bank will follow offshore banking regulations and offer you a green card or application for Turkish citizenship.
  • You can invest $250,000 in real estate in Turkey. When you buy properties and invest in Turkey, your sum invested real estate allows you to receive residency by investment.
  • If you invest $500,000 in fixed capital, then it will fulfill the visa requirements, and you will obtain Turkish citizenship by investment.
  • If you start a company in Turkey and allow 50 employees invest in real estate, capital markets, or to purchase real cash properties, then the Republic of Turkey will allow you to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Where to Look While Buying a Properties in Turkey

  • Esenyurt: Esenyurt is one of the districts of Istanbul and a great place to find stunning luxury apartments. Properties here are in very high demand due to their proximity to Istanbul Airport. Access to the nearby metro station makes it a prime location. If you’re also considering renting out your property, this would be an excellent area for that. 
  • Basın Ekspres/Media Highway: This location is in high demand, mainly because it connects the two most important roads in Istanbul. It is almost a business hub. The convenience of this location has made it a hot spot for property investors because it is in the heart of Istanbul. 
  • Beylikduzu: This area is famous for its property management in luxury property. Beylikduzu allows you to find cheap luxury apartments, frequently with reasonable payment plans. Most apartments in Istanbul offer many benefits, especially in the long-term, but Beylikduzu is particularly significant for investors. 

Where to Look When Buying Properties Outside Turkey

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis: Enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean while also taking advantage of citizenship options. Saint Kitts and Nevis also offers investment options for cheap. 
  • Saint Kitts or Saint Lucia: Either of these islands are great high ROI investments. 
  • Antigua and Barbuda: Most of the European Union projects in this area allow dual citizenship for people who live abroad. You can easily acquire citizenship with the help of the economic citizenship program.
  • Hong Kong: Just like you can get EU citizenship by investing in foreign European locations, in Hong Kong you get the best exchange rate and high-profit residency programs that can help you obtain a residence permit or citizenship. 

What to do When Buying

  • It would be best if you researched Turkish citizenship law before taking further steps regarding property investment in Turkey.
  • You should see what the documentation requirements are for a Turkish citizenship permit.
  • You should check the minimum investment required before you invest in a residence permit in Turkey.
  • You should decide the location based on the ROI and other investment benefits. 
  • While applying for Turkish citizenship, make sure that you prepared all the documents needed so that you don’t extend the processing time unnecessarily.

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • The economic growth of Turkey is very high. A changing environment and urbanization are making properties more desirable and profitable for investors. 
  • Turkey is a visa-free country that allows foreign visitors to explore the country and invest in it, which makes it a hub of foreign investors.
  • Megaprojects by Turkey’s government and the Ministry of the Environment have led to several developments in the country. All these projects increase the possibility of market growth for investors in the future. 
  • Required investment in two properties will help you obtain long-term residency in Turkey without too much hassle. 
  • This location has a unique historical and economic value that attracts visitors from far places, allowing for a high business growth ratio.
  • Housing is in high demand in Turkey because of foreign and domestic requirements. Rentals are a hot commodity among Turkish properties.
  • The potential for liquidity is very high in Turkey, mainly because the demand for properties here is always on the rise. 

If you are a foreign investor and you want to invest in Turkey, then make sure that you plan your investment correctly. Managed investment can allow you to reap extensive advantages and profits. It helps to map out precisely what kind of investment opportunities you wish to do. If you practice proper investment planning, then obtaining Turkish citizenship will not be a problem for you.