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Most importantly, if you want to invest in the heart of Istanbul, there are affordable payment plans. If you wish to buy an extra secure family apartment for your residential purpose, there are several excellent options here.

Where to Look When Buying Secure Apartments with Security Staff?

  • Pendik: This Istanbul district lies near the Marmara Sea. Sabiha Gokcen International Airport makes this a central location with many grand bazaars, stunning views, major shops, and restaurants close. You can reap significant benefits from investing in property here due to the area’s high popularity among tourists. 
  • Fatih:  The golden horn in the old harbor is a major attraction in the Bosphorus areas. The nearby Suleymaniye Mosque is also a place to visit that attracts many visitors yearly. It has a lot of 19th-century history, and it makes the Bosphorus an excellent place for your investment.
  • Beyoğlu: Taksim Square in Beyoğlu is a significant tourist spot in Istanbul. Many people visit it from all over the world due to its beauty. A commercial investment here won’t do you wrong. You can also invest in Istiklal Street in this district, which has impressive residential options.

What to Do When Buying

  • Ensure that you are aware of the security options of a brand new apartment so that you can live in Turkey with complete and easy-access security. Choose separate living rental property or a two-bedroom apartment investment for business travel or residential planning. Make sure you have great public transport facilities nearby, as well as wheelchair access, equipped kitchens, and access to a swimming pool.  
  • Estimate the commercial value of a bedroom apartment for its property value before investing. 
  • Search for more info on properties in Turkey before investing in the real estate market. You can get help from a mobile app or a real estate agency.
  • Find out the finance options available for properties so that you can choose the best property without worrying about your budget. 

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • Buying extra secure apartments in a prime location near the city center is a great idea as you will have the benefit of having acess to social facilities and great public transport within walking distance. 
  • Investing in Istanbul will allow you to increase your cash flow, growth, and liquidity. Your investment will turn into a benefit in no time.
  • If you are buying property for vacation rental, you can rest assured that property taxes will be low, and you will be able to profit from high rents. Rental income is a significant profit source for real estate investors in Turkey. 
  • The market value of Istanbul property is very high, keeping it at the top of investors’ lists and making it high-demand. Regardless of what kind of property you choose for investment, you’re guaranteed future profits, especially if it is in Istanbul. 

Buying Apartments Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

Per the laws of residency permits in Turkey, if you invest at least $250,000, then you can easily earn a residence permit, solely based on your real estate investment. 

Prime location investments are great options if you want to invest in a secure apartment or vacation rental that will ensure the best protection of you and your family. Turkish properties are highly developed, and the security systems are great as well. Make sure to seek additional help from a buyer’s guide when you’re planning to invest.