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Foreign buyers are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities in Turkey. If you’re looking to buy property in Turkey, the time is now as prices are continually rising. Due to the high demand, prices will continue growing, making it a good investment in the long term as you can profit from selling it later on. 

Where to Look When Buying Projects

  • Esenyurt: This Istanbul district and metropolitan municipality is a central location that garners the attention of commercial buyers. It’s one of the best choices for buying property at affordable prices. 
  • Adalar: Adalar is a famous location for travel and tourism. Made unique by its position on the Marmara Sea, you can find many stunning homes and other real estate properties to invest. 
  • Basın Ekspres: This rapidly developing area offers properties with high potential properties. Many ongoing government projects here means that there are plenty of options for property to buy. 
  • Pendik: This is a highly developed location with plenty of great property. You can easily find luxury and residential development projects in an affordable price range. 

What to Do When Buying

  • Before you invest in residential units or commercial property in Turkey, you should familiarize yourself with the real estate regulations of the Turkish government. 
  • You should contact a professional agent or use a buyer’s guide to find the right property for you. We have both a team of experienced agents and plenty of buyer's guide.
  • Find out the costs and get to know the areas of Istanbul well so that you have a good knowledge of the property types available to you.
  • Consider the risks and benefits of real estate purchases before you start investing your money in residential projects in Istanbul. 
  • Check the license and government guarantee or approval of apartments in Istanbul before you buy one so that you can ensure that you won’t face any legal complications.
  • For luxury apartments, find finance options and banks that are guaranteed by the Turkish government. It is essential to do so, as you will need financial assistance to make a smart real estate investment. 
  • When buying an apartment, analyze the market value from the rental and purchase perspective. Check the rental guarantee for the property you have selected. 

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • Real estate in Turkey is highly profitable in terms of rental benefits because rental property is in high demand.
  • Turkey has a low inheritance tax. Due to this, it is easy to invest in prime city center properties that will be profitable for your family in the long term.
  • Price fluctuation is frequent in real estate, and properties in Istanbul have a good yield if you’re patient enough to wait for the payoff. 
  • The economy of Istanbul is excellent for investors. It is a place of consistent economic growth, making any investment highly profitable. 
  • Purchasing commercial properties can be a source of huge profits since Turkey is a well-known business hub. Tourists have been flooding the country, especially of late, to take in the historical and natural beauty. The demand for housing is also increasing with time, which is inviting further development, particularly in mega luxury projects. These projects are setting the groundwork for exciting new real estate options in the future. 

Buying a Villa Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

According to Turkish citizenship regulations, you can become a citizen by investing in property. When you invest in any governmental project, then you’re automatically selected for the citizenship program. If you invest in Istanbul, then it becomes easy for you to get citizenship from the government based on your property investment. 

What Kind of Projects to Consider

  • If you are investing in a ready-to-move-in luxury residential project, then make sure that you find a furnished apartment with facilities such as Turkish baths, tennis courts, basketball courts, fitness centers, swimming pools, and car parking (depending on your needs). 
  • Make sure that the necessary amenities are close by, such as metro stations and hospitals.
  • Real estate projects should have flexible payment plans or an option for monthly installments. 

Since Istanbul is a hub for investors, it’s not a problem to find the best real estate to buy. All you need to do is make sure you’re familiar with the place you’d like to invest. Be well aware of the pros and cons of your investment. With the right knowledge, you’re sure to reap all the benefits from your investment.