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As real estate in Istanbul is in high demand, especially when it comes to sea view properties, you will find that there is limited property up for sale. However, there are some hot spots where you have a chance to buy property with great benefits and future possibilities for selling for a profit.

When you search for property purchase options in Turkish real estate, choose locations near Sabiha Gokcen International Istanbul Airport, the Bosphorus, Bodrum, and Fethiye. There are also places with high tourism value, such as the Golden Horn. Investing in places like that guarantees financial benefits due to the low property taxes there.

Where to Look While Buying a Villa

  • Başakşehir: A beautiful place for a luxury villa. The streets of Istanbul are lovely and clean, and all the necessary facilities are in the vicinity, such as several restaurants, a playground, gym, hospital, mall, and supermarket, among others. There has been a high rise in property prices in this area, starting from 2005, and it is a high-demand location now.
  • Bomonti, Sişli: Everyone knows that Sişli is a prime location for buying property in Turkey. The district is the heart of Istanbul. It is a place famous for its vibrant and captivating history, which also means that you can find plenty of historical buildings in the area. The infrastructure of this place is advanced. It is among the prime locations of the city for luxury homes, family homes, and other Istanbul property. You can easily travel around by metro. Most importantly, if we compare the property prices with other areas, property here is considered to be at least 45% lower. It makes Şişli a perfect place for a luxury villa or property investment.
  • Ataşehir: This is a 170-acre Turkish property on the Asian side of Istanbul. The Istanbul International Financial Center (IIFC) has dubbed it the Centre of Global Finance. This location provides easy access to the Istanbul city center, which makes buying property at this location even more desirable. Most of the popular and essential parts of the city are within walking distance from here.
  • Buyukcekmece: Investing in a Tuscan designer villa or commercial property near Buyukcekmece can assure you high profits from your investment. It will allow you to get more than you expect from your real estate investment.

Why Invest In Istanbul?

  • There is no reason to doubt the benefits of Istanbul property investment in Istanbul hotspots. Investors are attracted to this city because of the vast property options and the benefits of buying property in Turkey.
  • Istanbul property has high capital growth potential, proven by past investment statistics. Buying property here is also simple.
  • Istanbul property has high liquidity potential, which makes real estate in Istanbul an even more investment-worthy option. Several 19th-century buildings make it a historically rich location as well.
  • There are several urban renewal and city advancement projects on property in Istanbul. These projects will only increase the property value in Turkey.
  • There have been several holiday homes or rental mega-projects in Istanbul. They will lead to significant changes in investment prices, Istanbul’s economy, and the Istanbul real estate market. Villas in Istanbul have excellent rental income possibilities, too.
  • With the beautification of property in Istanbul, Istanbul will also attract much more attention from international tourists. It might become an even more popular tourist attraction soon. In fact, the Blue Mosque already brings in large amounts of tourists from all over.
  • Facilities advancement in real estate in Istanbul will encourage central Istanbul to become a proper business hub. It has the potential to be one of the most advanced cities in the world. With almost everything you need within walking distance, it makes life much more comfortable.
  • The low exchange rate of Turkish lira decreases the cost of buying property, such as designer villas, hotels, and other property when compared to other countries. Moreover, there is a low-income tax on the Asian side of Istanbul, which decreases the cost of living.

There are just as many villas as there is land for sale in the Istanbul property market. And for those who are interested in villa property or homes in Istanbul for investment, there is no lack of villa investment opportunities. When looking at the types of property available in Istanbul, villas are the most aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking to invest, you can get more info from a buyer’s guide or agent.

Buying a Villa Could Help You With Your Citizenship!

When you decide to invest in villas in Istanbul or elsewhere in Turkey, the Turkish government allows you to apply for residency permits in Turkey based on your investment. Turkish law will enable you to get simple and easy resident permits or Turkish citizenship when you invest at least $250,000. The process of obtaining licenses in turkey is straightforward.

What Kind of Villa Options to Consider

  • Free Space Options: The private villa must have enough free space so that you can ensure the most privacy in your home. Your luxury home is a place where guests will enjoy their time, and they should be able to do so without worry that their privacy getting invaded.
  • Room Allotments: Proper room planning in private villas is essential for ensuring eye-pleasing construction. It is an important thing to consider, especially in holiday homes.
  • Contemporary Features: Check all the available features and facilities of the private villa before finalizing the purchase of your luxury home. Look for things such as flat-screen TV, jacuzzi, secure parking, hot tub, private swimming pool, and a garden.

Istanbul homes, royal villas, family villas, and business properties considered to be great investment opportunities for investors who are looking to buy real estate. 

If you are a professional investor, then you should consider investing in real estate in Istanbul. This location will provide you with a high return on your investment. Just imagine a private swimming pool and jacuzzi in a sea view apartment—and a high ROI to boot! If you would like more help in the buying process, then you can consult our consultant agents and guides are here to assist you.