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Real estate property in Turkey, especially in city centers is highly valuable and Istanbul real estate has a high market value. Therefore, you can profit well from investing in Istanbul. 

Where to Look When Buying Large-size Apartments

  • Bosphorus: This area is highly popular for great sight-seeing. Haliç is also a well-visited waterway that attracts many tourists yearly. This location on the European side of Istanbul offers stunning panoramic views, and there is great investment potential here.
  • Beyoğlu: This location is a popular tourist location. People come here from all around the world to see the amazing Taksim square. Beyoglu property is in high demand, and you can find all you need there, such as a Metrobus station, residential complexes, shopping malls, and transport links.
  • Beylikdüzü: Sea view apartments are all the rage in Beylikduzu, with the Marmara Sea at the doorstep practically. You can buy private villas, luxury homes, and even commercial property here. 
  • Büyükçekmece: This highly developed location has plenty of property to invest in at reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for a duplex apartment, bedroom flat, or something else, you’re sure to find it here. 
  • Sarıyer: Sarıyer is best suited for industrial construction. Many international investors have expressed interest in purchasing property here. And although there are many commercial projects here, residential options also exist. 
  • Pendik: The proximity to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport makes this an ideal location for commercial property and vacation rentals. With many visitors per day to the airport, you’re sure to reap the benefits. 

What to Do When Buying

  • Check the availability of your desired Turkish property from reliable and certified resources. 
  • You should invest in a prime location so that you can get the most benefits out of your investment. 
  • Contacting a certified real estate agent while purchasing a property is the key. You can get a good idea of the buying process and typical prices with professional help. 
  • When you are looking to invest in Turkey and buy property, discuss the available payment plans and finance options first.

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • You will be able to benefit from high rental income from your apartment. You can put it up for rent and earn money back.
  • There is high liquidity, cash flow, and growth potential from Istanbul property. Invest in a few pieces of real estate for increased benefits. 
  • The Turkish currency is weak but gaining value against USD and Euro, which is why real estate value is considered low for investors in other currencies. That is the main reason why foreigners come to Istanbul for real estate investment. 
  • There are many mega projects available for new investors. If you don’t have sufficient funds for real estate investment, then you can choose to finance your investment easily.

Buying an Apartment Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

New resident permit regulation and law dictate new investors can obtain citizenship based on their real estate property investment. All they need to do is show proof of their investment. 

Buying large-size apartments requires plenty of investment capital, but Turkey makes it easy for you. You can also find affordable real estate opportunities in Turkey. Financing your investment through payment plans will be available if you are still short on funds.