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The main question that people ask about properties in Istanbul is why they are so popular. Well, it is because there is a massive demand for housing, which has lead to the development of many megaprojects in Istanbul. There is certainly a future for properties in Istanbul.

Where to Look When Buying Villas

  • Beylikduzu: If you are looking for top of the line real estate projects in Istanbul close to the city center, then Beylikduzu is the perfect choice for you. Located on the European side of Istanbul, this is a popular location that has a variety of residential and commercial properties.
  • Sultanahmet: Tourists are often seen in Sultanahmet, visiting the Blue Mosque. The area has a rich history that piques the interest of people all over the world. There are great furnished apartment and rental apartments available in this area.
  • Arnavutköy: If you’re looking for a posh location, then purchasing Turkish property here will hit the spot. Located near the international airport, it’s a significant real estate investment.
  • Esenyurt: This Istanbul district and metropolitan municipality is a highly profitable investment option for investors. Esenyurt has been a commercial hub for a long time. For this reason, people prefer investing in this central location, particularly when it comes to commercial property.
  • Kucukcekmece: If you would like a sea view apartment in Istanbul, you’ll be able to find one here with a stunning view of the Marmara Sea. Kucukcekmece is a highly populated that is known for ready-to-move-in hotel concept apartments, luxury homes, bedroom apartments, and villas.

What to do When Buying Property

  • If you are buying a luxury apartment in Istanbul, then it would be best to contact a certified estate agency so that they can guide you properly.
  • If you are buying an apartment, then make sure that you find one close to necessary facilities like metro stations.
  • When you buy apartments in the city center of Istanbul, it is also essential that you choose the right property for you.
  • Make sure that you have clear objectives and requirements in your mind regarding the purchase of the property so that you can avoid issues later on.
  • Don’t just keep one option at your disposal. Having multiple property options available will help you to choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • Most of the luxury apartments located in Istanbul have the potential for high rental income.
  • If you are investing in apartments located in Istanbul, then you can be sure of a high potential for capital growth and liquidity in the future.
  • Several projects and megaprojects are developing in Istanbul near popular areas, which means the city will continue to grow and develop.
  • Turkey is famous for its history, as well as its commercial growth, which attracts a lot of tourists and foreign investors.

Buying a Villa Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

If you invest in luxury apartments in Istanbul, then you will be able to obtain a residence permit for Turkey as well. Turkish law allows for the issue of residence permits or Turkish citizenships for investors.

What Kind of Villa Options to Consider

Ensure that you choose spacious apartments with luxury facilities like swimming pools. A nicely-managed property will allow you to increase the comfort and create a better rental value.

If you are looking to purchase luxury apartments in Turkey, then there is no doubt you will see a profit from your investments. Just make sure to get the help of a buyer’s guide or an agent when you feel you may be a bit over your head in making an investment decision. These professionals can help you through it. Choose your property wisely, and you will never have to think twice before property investment in Istanbul.