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If you are interested in Turkish property and you would like to invest in those with high commercial value, then there are unlimited options for you in Istanbul.

Where to Look When Buying Apartments Near Shopping Centers?

  • Istinye Park: The Istinye Park shopping center based in the Istinye quarter of Istanbul, and the area surrounding it is perfect for investment. Commercial properties here take advantage of the high visitor rates of the center. You can buy an apartment or smart home at this location at highly attractive prices. 
  • Zorlu Center: Another great shopping mall in Istanbul, Zorlu Center, is situated at the connection of the Bosphorus Bridge and Büyükdere Avenue. Not only does it have a large retail selection, including many luxury brands, the center also offers real estate in the form of office space and apartments. 
  • Tuzla: This beautiful location is popular among tourists. The nearby Viaport Marina attracts visitors from all around the world. You can easily find a fantastic sea view apartment in this area of Istanbul, making it a sound investment. 
  • Ataşehir: This is one of the best locations for investment in Istanbul. Continuously under development, many luxury apartments are available here, as well as prime locations for commercial property—plus, the popular Optimum Outlet is nearby! 
  • Bakirkoy: This is a highly popular residential and commercial location on the European side of Istanbul. The dense population with mostly upper-middle-class residents, there are plenty of opportunities for investment. 

What to Do When Buying

  • Understand your expectations and requirement of the property before you buy property in Turkey. 
  • You must learn the commercial real estate requirements and basics. Investing in Istanbul commercial property with proper knowledge of the market will give you an added advantage. 
  • Keep multiple property choices at your disposal. It will allow you to pick the right sort of property for you. 
  • Stay updated with real estate news so that you can be aware of real estate market changes. 

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • If you invest in Turkish real estate, you will have the advantage of high growth potential and good cash flow. 
  • Most properties in Istanbul are in high demand, which means they will be profitable in the long run.
  • Turkish properties are always trending high on the market, which is why investors prefer to invest here. By investing in Istanbul real estate, you can buy relatively low and sell high.
  • Since the property of Istanbul is highly developed, you can find all the essential facilities within walking distance. Excellent public transport is also a significant advantage. 

Buying an Apartment Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

When you invest in property, especially near a mall in Istanbul, you have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit based on your property title deed. To get a residence permit, you need to invest in real estate and share the property details with the government. It is best to invest in a property where you can be sure of its benefits. Property in Turkey has all the benefits you need and more, including high profits in the future. If you are a first-time investor, make sure to use a buyer’s guide to find the best option for you.