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Where To Look While Buying Shopping Centers Apartments?

  • Istinye Park: This is a city center Istanbul turkey which makes it perfect for investment. You can invest here for establishing commercial properties like a shopping center in Istanbul. Or you can buy apartments or smart home at this location at highly attractive prices in Istanbul.
  • Zorlu Center: This is a perfect Istanbul property in city centers for luxury apartments and commercial property in turkey. You can find amazing architecture and highly developed real estate investment options.
  • Tuzla: This is a beautiful location which is popular for its tourism value. Viaport marina is a highly popular tourist spot which attracts people from all around the world. You can definitely find an amazing sea view or landscape view apartment in Istanbul. Buying property in this area will be a highly beneficial investment.
  • Ataşehir: This is the best location for investment. In this location, the optimum outlet is highly popular. You can find Istanbul's European properties within great prices. You can invest here with the affordable apartment prices.
  • Bakirkoy: This is a highly popular residential and commercial location. You can find here great Istanbul apartments, Istanbul hotels, Istanbul's shopping centers and popular malls in Istanbul. This location is also popular for Ataturk airport. For new investors, this could be a big opportunity of investing in turkey Istanbul city.

What to do While Buying?

  • Understand your expectations and requirement of the property before you buy property in Turkey.
  • It is important that you understand the commercial real estate requirements and basics. Investing in Asian Istanbul commercial property with proper knowledge of the market will give you an added advantage.
  • Keep multiple property choices at your disposal. It will allow you to pick and finalize the best shopping centers or shopping mall of Istanbul apartments.
  • Stay updated with the real estate news so that you can be aware of real estate market changes. It will also help you during the real estate marketing procedure when you have purchased your property.

Why Invest In Istanbul?

  • If you will invest or buy in turkey real estate, it will allow you to avail the advantage of high growth potential and good cash flow.
  • Most of the properties in Istanbul are high demand properties which will give you an assurance that they have good property management.
  • Turkey properties are always high on market trends and that is why investors prefer to invest here without any specific reason. By investing in Istanbul real estate, you can get high property sale value.
  • Since the property of Istanbul is highly developed, you can get all the basic and necessary facilities at walking distance and good public transport is also a big advantage.

Buying Shopping Centers Apartments Could Help You With Your Citizenship!

When you will invest in property or any mall of Istanbul, you will get an opportunity of obtaining a permit in turkey on the basis of your property title deed. In order to obtain the resident permits, you just need to invest in real estate and share the property details to the government. You can find more details about the permit in turkey news.


It is best to invest in a property where you can get assured benefits. Turkey property is one of the best properties where you will get the assurance of high profits in the future. If you are the first time investor then you can buy buyer guide or you can search on real estate forum Istanbul. This definitely is a great investment opportunity for new and experienced investors.