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Easy access to public transport, the Metrobus, international airport, social facilities, and shopping malls makes Istanbul perfect for family living as well. Foreign investors prefer the heart of Istanbul due to its high market value.

Where to Look When Buying Real Estate Projects

  • Basın Ekspres: This is an ideal real estate investment hub. Investors prefer to invest in this area because of its high market value and growth possibilities. 
  • Maslak: This is a highly developed location that is popular due to the Bahcesehir University and its high-tech architecture. 
  • Gaziosmanpasa: This is a prime location for investors. Gaziosmanpasa offers high ROI, which makes investors highly interested in investing in this area’s real estate market. 
  • Beylikdüzü: This is a highly developed city. Istanbul has terrific views of the Marmara Sea. If you like sea view apartments, then this is the perfect place for you to buy one in an affordable price range. 
  • Esenyurt: This is a perfect place for those investors who are interested in urban properties. Here in Esenyurt, you will find many fantastic investment options for property in Istanbul.

What to do When Buying

  • You should decide whether you want ready-to-move-in apartments or a different sort of property. 
  • You should check the potential of a property before you decide to invest in residential projects.
  • You could choose bargain-priced property when you buy property in Turkey. Use our buyer’s guide for pointers on negotiation, or contact us for guidance!
  • Make sure you check the worth of Istanbul real estate properties before you decide to invest. 
  • Understand the potential risk and benefits of the property you’d like to invest in so that you can consider buying one that will benefit you when you decide to sell. 

Why Invest in Istanbul?

  • Growth and development of the city center and other areas have been incredible in Istanbul.
  • There is always a new project happening in Istanbul. In fact, there is a large number of ongoing government project options available that are helping to enhance investment opportunities for investors. 
  • You can easily find ready-to-move-in projects in Istanbul. There are numerous options for investment. 
  • Foreign visitors and tourists have made this an even busier and more profitable location. New tower residences, private villas, luxury residence, bedroom apartments, and other property types are becoming trendy in Istanbul.
  • The demand for housing and commercial space is increasing day by day. Therefore, there is a possibility of more development of Istanbul projects for ready-to-move-in apartments, luxury apartments, and basic apartment in Istanbul.
  • When you have purchase a property in the city center of Istanbul, then it is assured that you will get a high rental guarantee.

Buying a Villa Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

First-time investors can easily obtain a Turkish citizenship or a residence permit if they invest in Istanbul apartments. If you don’t have much knowledge about property management about min or max prices of investment for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, then you should consider consulting an agent so that he can guide you properly. Our experienced team of consultants are available at your disposal.

Things to Check in a Ready-to-Move-In Apartment 

  • If you have purchased a luxury apartment in Istanbul, then it should have facilities like a tennis court and a Turkish bath, for example. 
  • If you have purchased a basic apartment, then it should have car parking and a swimming pool, at least.
  • Rooms should be spacious in an apartment.

Investing in ready-to-move-in real estate is a good choice because you wouldn’t need to wait long before you can rent it out or move in. In this situation, seeking professional help will help you make your investment process a little easier and smoother. You must understand all aspects of the property before you invest in it. If you take the necessary precaution measures, then there is nothing to worry. Why? Because Istanbul properties have many benefits to increase your return on investments.