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There is a variety of payment plans available for all types of property in Istanbul. What’s more, when you buy property in Turkey, you can rent it out for additional income. When you invest in Turkey, there is a high rental guarantee because rental real estate in the country is in high demand. 

Where to Look When Buying Real Estate Projects

  • Başakşehir: This region’s real estate is best for commercial investment because you can find great deals here. The internationally famous Istanbul Basaksehir football club is based here, which adds to the attractiveness value of the metropolitan region. 
  • Basın Express: This is a highly developed and popular area connected to all the significant parts of Istanbul, and it is an excellent real estate investment opportunity. Due to the high value of this expressway, it is also called Prestigious Avenue.
  • Near to Istiklal Street Region: On the European side of Istanbul, Istiklal Street property is of substantial commercial value. It is one of the best investment opportunities for commercial purpose real estate in Turkey.

What to do When Buying

  • It is best to seek help from a buyer’s guide and stay updated with real estate news for the region, as well as any property laws. You can also consider consulting a professional agent to help you make a wise investment. 
  • Ensure that you list the pros and cons of investing in the real estate sector in Istanbul to make the best investment. 
  • Have multiple options for luxury apartments and ready-to-move-in apartments available at your disposal so that you can compare and make the right decision ultimately. 
  • Make sure you analyze the value and suitability of the property before buying it. When you buy property in Turkey, it’s a great idea to invest in the heart of Istanbul due to its dense population and high demand for rental real estate. 

Why Invest in Istanbul Real Estate Projects?

  • Most of the properties in Istanbul have a high market value. It is possible to find an affordable purchase price with great profit potential when you sell your property. The property liquidity ratio is very high in Turkey. 
  • There is a high need for apartments for rent in Turkey. People are primarily on the lookout for secure apartments with security cameras. The best-selling properties come with nearby facilities like car parking, basketball courts, shopping centers, Turkish baths, and swimming pools. The potential for high rental profit from your investment is high. 
  • Multiple development projects point to the continued economic growth of Turkey, meaning that property values will only continue to increase. Buy cheap now, and sell high later. It’s a no-brainer. 
  • When you invest in property, it is crucial to calculate the potential capital growth in the future. Luckily, the capital growth ratio here is always high growth ratio is still high in this area.

Buying Real Estate Could Help You with Your Citizenship!

According to Turkish citizenship law, when you invest $250,000 in real estate, then you can get a residence permit in Turkey. Obtaining Turkish citizenship or a long-term residence permit can be done based on investment in property. 

An inspection tour for investment verification will be needed using the property ID or title deed. If all is green-lighted, then you will be on the fast track to becoming a Turkish citizen. Also, you can pay off your investment in installments, which will make it easier on your budget. 

Purchasing property in Istanbul is secure because many real estate projects offering flexible installment payment options for investors. This option allows investors to invest in the property of their choice at a lower limited budget.