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The “Globalization and City Networks Meeting” organized by the Marmara Municipal Union started at InterContinental Istanbul. Marmara Municipality Union Vice President and Bağcılar Mayor Lokman Çağırıcı said that Marmara Municipality Union participated in the Globalization and City Networks Meeting organized by Izmir Economy University with expert academicians in the field. Today, the internal dynamics of the globalizing cities and their relations with each other will be discussed, said Çağırıcı. “Istanbul will be an empire city and its cosmopolitan structure is still alive today, Istanbul is an important global city and Istanbul is not only a link between the local economy and the global economy, global cities like Istanbul are centers of information flow, cultural production and finance, and cities are as much as they are in the world. ”

Actors of Global Cities

Emphasizing that politics in economy, architecture in periphery, culture in heaven, cities in all areas of life are decisive, Çağırıcı continued his words as follows: “Public institutions and private sector decision-making mechanisms come together in cities, transforming cities into centers of political and economic power. Like all globalizing cities, Istanbul is taking its share, its advantages and its disadvantages from this process. In the new world, every mayor is a global actor as well as a local actor.Individual transitions, contradictions, different roles, and if they are to be exercised at the same time.Whatever the circumstances, we must work together in all these cases to touch the good of mankind This is a concrete statement of the effort to bring together actors from different sectors that produce and implement information. ” Cemil Arslan, Secretary General of the Marmara Municipal Unions, stated that more than 50 percent of the world’s population live in cities and said, “There is no one among you who has heard this information for the first time, because this is now known by everyone but I think it is worth mentioning every time. These cities are home to 1.2 billion people, almost as much as the population of India, these numbers are increasing rapidly, and this increase is even faster in Asia and Africa because individuals and families are migrating to cities for better living conditions. the population of the city will double when we arrive and about 70 of 100 people will live in the cities.” said.

The Development of The Cities Should Be Well Managed Indicating that the cities have become the biggest growth locomotives of the world, Arslan said: “Cities make up 80 percent of the global gross domestic product, and cities save hundreds of millions of people from extreme poverty, but urbanization that comes at such a speed and scale brings with it tremendous difficulties, along with the increasing income gap, rising pollution and aging buildings and bridges is a fact that cities are difficult to reach the speed of people’s dreams.

There are growing dreams for the sustainable and prosperous future of the city. The development of the cities should be well managed because it means that they can not be managed well, from health problems to poverty and inequality and even from exclusion. However, there are many reasons why we are optimistic. When they are well managed, cities offer clean energy and water access to quality services, education, business opportunities, safe haven. Moreover, it is the center of innovation, innovation and progress. Sometimes they have the power to live more effective and stronger policies than national policies in order to protect their inhabitants. ”

Globalization and City Networks Meeting ProgramGlobalization and World Cities“, “Quantitative and Qualitative Research Approaches in Global City Networking Studies”, “Globalization and Real Estate Market and Globalization and Urban Image” are covered in three sessions under the program. Researchers from the GaWC (Globalization and Global Cities Research Group), who have been working on the world cities in detail, meet with participants.

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