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Obtaining Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate investment

Turkey has always been an attraction center with its culture, history and economic opportunities. With the recent legislative regulations, it is much easier and cheaper to qualify for Turkish citizenship. Formerly, in order to obtain a Turkish citizenship, applicants had to buy property costing at least $1,000,000.

With the new regulation imposed by the Turkish government, it is possible to get qualified for citizenship via investing $250,000. Besides, the bureaucratic process regarding the application becomes more practical. No need to waite for the title deed document and the notarized sale agreement can be enough to substitute it.

With the trustworthy consultancy of, you can obtain your Turkish citizenship without any bureaucratic toil.
Living in Turkey is not mandatory in order to obtain Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment. You can also keep your current citizenship along with your Turkish one. You and your family (your spouse and children (under 18) will also become Turkish citizens and have advantages of Turkish citizenship. Your children who will be born in Turkey will be considered as Turkish citizen with Turkish ID.