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Sinpaş’dan commercial attack Ambarlı Business Modern began receiving preliminary demand. Sinpaş Yapı continues to invest in commercial real estate projects as a ‘new business’ in the Aablı region.
Moving days in the real estate sector are going to be lived, Sinpas REIT, who has developed the project, has pressed the button for commercial real estate investment this time. Sinpaş Business pressed the button for the Modern Ambarlı project. The company had a similar investment firstly in the Ikitelli project. The company has now begun preliminary demand aggregation in the Business Modern Ambarlı project.


Sinpaş REIC, which frequently mentions its name with devv real estate projects that Turkey has experienced in the metropolises of Istanbul, continues its investments in year 2017.
First it pressed the button to add a new one to commercial real estate investments it built in the Ikitelli area, one of the European Side projects. This time Sinpaş started counting back for a new commercial project in the Ambarlı region.
Sinpaş has unexpectedly announced that it will begin to develop projects under a single roof by combining Sinpaş Yapı and Sinpaş REIC by combining the two companies. In the same month, the two companies added two giant projects to the Anatolian side housing projects and started the projects. Sinpaş Finance City in the province and Sinpaş Gokorman project in the same region.

On the last day of October this time, once again with a commercial investment came the agenda. Sinpaş Yapı is now experiencing an important commercial real estate project in Europe, especially for SMEs, which will shrink to storage problems. The name of the new commercial real estate project to be built in Ambarlı in Avcılar district was announced as ‘Business Modern‘. The company has already started a similar project in Ikitelli area.

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