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Balat and surrounding districts, Golden Horn, Cibali and Fener, which have become the new attraction centers of Istanbul with the made restorations, are on the way to become trendy!


New Attraction Center Of Istanbul Balat

It is possible to trace the traces of many civilizations in every street of Balat and the surrounding districts, Haliç, Cibali and Fener, which have become new attraction centers of Istanbul with the recent made restorations. In addition to the Urban Renewal Project, which is funded by the European Union, the historic districts of Istanbul, which are covered with cafés, cafes, boutiques and restored historical buildings, are now on the way to becoming trend…


Prices Start At 250 Thousand TL

The prices of historical buildings, which are mainly located in the residential and commercial area, change from 250 thousand TL to 2 million TL. In Fener district where prices are changed according to the view, location and size, the rents of historical buildings starting from 275 thousand TL vary between 1.500 TL and 4000 TL.

Who Invested In The Region?

The transformed or developing regions within the context of urban renewal projects bore investors’ appetite. Fener- Balat- Ayvansaray and Cibali regions were visited by real estate investors. In Fener- Ayvansaray, it is known that nearly 100 buildings have changed hands in the last year. Şener Holding and the Riva Foundation, established 3 years ago, are among the companies that collect real estate in the region.

After the declaration of the area renewal area, all the parcels remaining in the renewal area were placed in the title deed registry. In addition, the municipality informed the owners that they should not sell their places because they were expected to increase their value to the region during the information meetings held between July and September 2009. However, the place is not sold and the institution does not have any sanction authority.


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