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Officist trends are not like the old ones. On one hand there is a surplus of supplies , and on the other hand there are companies that find it difficult to find a qualified office. We talked with Gökçe Meriçten, Vice Chairman of Ferko Construction Board. I asked Meriçten that “if you say that the more important criteria in the selection of the office have begun to stand out from the price, is this a correct determination?” “Absolutely so …” he replies and continues to speak:


“We see an example of this in Kagithane. Rented buildings are still empty in a project that is 30 percent cheaper than ours. We are catching a serious occupancy rate and hosting a major firm.

Why? Because there are a lot of criteria that companies give priority to in the ‘check-list’. Technically, when you can not meet those demands as a way of life, the price is not a problem either. When you can meet the technical criteria, big and institutional firms tend first to you. And of course on paper, the project is either right or wrong. After he starts work, there is no chance of returning. This is the fault of Turkey in general. Whether you are a hotel or a shopping mall … You are seated with a group of 10 hotel masseurs, 10 of the demands are different. If you have not prepared it according to these demands, that project is dead born. ”


There are problems with qualified supply in Turkey. These are all about the reasons set out above. Here Meriç quotes: “Although the supply looks very much, there is no supply, because three of the five projects are wrong projects. The project is not in the supply basket because it is not qualified. It just goes into the basket of your office stock that you say is empty.  If you cut the price, it will remain empty.  “.

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