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Current real estate prices in Zeytinburnu differ depending on the building location and situation. Apartments that offer a new way of life and have suitable areas for shopping center and office use, while the prices of apartments are higher, the age and the location of the apartments are also determined by the prices.

Current real estate prices in Zeytinburnu

The Zeytinburnu region, which has more alternatives with completed and continuing real estate options, is an attractive accommodation and accommodation area close to the metrobus and main arteries. While the production districts and commercial centers in the vicinity of the district provide transportation for employees and business owners, it is possible to find apartments for sale and residences for sale suitable for different lifestyles.


Current apartment prices in Zeytinburnu

Apartments in Zeytinburnu, which are among the current real estate options, are offered for sale at a wide price range. In districts with alternatives suitable for different investment and usage plans, apartment prices for sale vary between 115.000 TL and 1.325.000 TL. In the district, 3 + 1 apartment prices range from 190.000 TL to 1.325.000 TL while 2 + 1 apartment prices are offered between 140.000 TL and 750.000 TL. With 1 + 1 apartment and studio apartment options, the number of rooms and the social facilities in the residential surroundings and the ease of access to economic life are decisive points for the price point, with a wide alternative for solo and core families. The real estate market, which offers a permanent and permanent investment option thanks to the rent incentive, provides rental income between 475 TL and 8.250 TL in the Zeytinburnu region. Depending on the building location and the building situation and the number of rooms, the sales and rental prices have options for different investment projects.

Current residence prices in Zeytinburnu

Residential options for sale that offer a comfortable life with social facilities and high security standards are among the attractive investment options with the advantage of high rental income. Many residence projects in Zeytinburnu find buyers between 550,000 TL and 1,700,000 TL. The 1 + 1 residance prices in the district range between 550.000 TL and 900.000 TL while the 3 + 1 residence prices vary between 1.200.000 TL and 1.350.000 TL. The residence apartment options, which have high sales prices, are also advantageous for medium and long term buyers with high rental rates. Residence rent in Zeytinburnu ranges from 3,000 TL to 5,400 TL while housing location and number of rooms are decisive in prices.

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