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 Home    Demand For Branded Property is Rising

There is a significant change in conceptual meaning between a branded house and a company with a high reputation. In these differences, priority is international recognition, continuity of business quality, specifications according to international standards, production line and after-sales customer relations.


The branded housing sector in our country is rapidly growing. Eva Gayrimenkul Real Estate Appraisal Expert Şimma Şehir says that the brand’s reputation has raised the confidence in the house, indicating that too many real estate projects have been branded. “We see that the branding in the house is on the rise in a short period of time,” says Cityman: “According to statistical information, we have a house of 5.3 million houses in Istanbul.” The Istanbul Branded Housing Market Research and Forecast Report, This number consists of 560 of the total number of housing projects, which is only 11% of the total number of houses, which is 7.7% in 2014, 9.5% in 2015 and 11% in 2016 we see that branded housing is showing an increase every year in Istanbul.”


In fact, the consumer wants more than a four-walled house, and in the last years the great value of the sites with social amenities is given the value of living, so the customers are able to see how much they have given them, and the period in which they own property in this project is highly valued for their presentation of a life and services.

For this reason he should be aware that he is selling ‘life’ rather than home, and should pursue his marketing in this sense. When marketing real estate, it is also important to emphasize what kind of life a customer expects at the same time. For this reason, marketing strategies should be done as a way to make customer concentrated marketing techniques and to reach sales promotion activities. In the real estate sector there should be prestige studies and firms should go for a long time to choose branding to distinguish their services from each other.

Branded houses in our country were usually built in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara until a short time. However, the demand for the branded issue also led to branded production in Anatolia. Today we see the use of site-type branded houses with social facilities in many places. As it is abroad, as well as the value and speed of sale of the branded real estate in terms of the greatest reason investor in our country, the confidence and high quality standards are displayed for the buyer.

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