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 Home    Did You File A Tax Return For Renting?

The vast majority of tenants are making rent payments from the bank. For all those paying business premises, payment must be made to the property owners via the bank or PTT. This requirement is started when the rent of housing is over 500 liras per month.

Who does not have to give a statement when he gets rent income from his / her home?

There is no declaration for those who get housing rents up to 3,800 liras throughout the year in 2016, no tax. Those who have housing rent income over 3,800 liras will file a tax return. (GVK, Art.21)

This exemption, which was revised every year, was 3,600 liras for the 2015 incomes and 3,900 liras for the 2017 incomes (Exception number 290 for the 2016 revenues and 3,900 for the 2017 revenues.


How much will the tax I pay be reduced to costly expense?

The simple calculation is as follows: From the annual rental income, first the exception (3,800 liras) and 25 percent lump sum are deducted, and then the tax is calculated. The trip is gone; 25% of the exempted rent income of 3.800 liras is deducted from the rent income directly (without the need for a certificate) and the tax is calculated on the remaining amount. Those who choose the expense method; the table below shows how much tax will be paid on the basis of the annual rental amount obtained.

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