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 Home    Educated Foreigners Will Get Cheaper Housing in Turkey!

Leyla Ilhan, a columnist at Dünya Newspaper, evaluated the issue of cheaper housing for foreign educated citizens on the agenda of the ministry in today’s post.

Turkey began to give citizenship rights to foreign citizens with a $ 1 million home in the beginning of this year. However, it has been criticized by real estate firms for the high number of citizenship since the law came out. We also do not know how many people have bought homes for citizenship yet. But at the end of the year, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism will explain this. So we will see the results of $ 1 million better. But I have heard that another work on this interim citizenship is on the agenda of the ministry. This means that educated foreigners who will be living in Turkey will be given citizenship at a lower cost. It is planned to give alien citizenship such as architect engineers, doctors, scientists and sportsmen who will buy home from Turkey with Turkuaz Card system, which is expected to be a green card in America. Within the scope of this study, which aims to meet the qualified work force required by Turkey, this cutoff is expected to give citizens the right to take real estate in the amount of 250 thousand dollars instead of 1 million dollars from Turkey.

Domestic foreigner citizenship means not to mention the Dubai Cityscape 2017 fair, which is one of the two important companies for the world real estate sector. I have been coming to the Cityscape Fair from 11-13 September regularly for the last few years. This year was a special occasion because of the events that happened with Qatar. How would those living people be reflected to Turkish companies? With these questions in my head, I started my journey to Dubai. It lasted until we went to the fair area and saw our companies. When I saw the fair, I realized that my fears were out of place. Turkish firms were in the best hall of the fair, even where the projects belonging to Dubai Emirate were exhibited. I am happy to see such a picture against the question marks in my head. In other words, the Dubai Emirates did not have any negative attitude towards the Turkish companies. Looking at the fairs, I saw you grow up on a square meter basis this year. Visitors flocked again. However, the participation rate of the Turkish companies decreased this year. This reduction is not just a thing that happened this year, it has been going on for 2 years. For example, while the number of participants in 2015 was 60, it dropped to 20 in 2016. This year has come to 13. In order to encourage further participation in the fuara, Environment and Urban Development Minister Mehmet Özhaseki also visited the fair this year and tried to give support to the Turkish companies on a state basis.


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