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Fund managers follow “internal political developments” primarily for decisions they will make regarding investment markets in the second quarter of the year. The “Quarterly Survey of Fund Managers” conducted by the Institutional Investors magazine revealed that internal political developments will be the most important determinant of investment decisions in the second quarter. According to the survey results, inflation will be the most important economic indicator that will follow in the second quarter. According to the survey results, “in the favorite investment vehicles” EuroBond get ahead stock certificate.

Quarterly Survey of Fund Managers 2017 second quarter Survey was conducted between March 20 and March 24, 2017, with the participation of 24 fund managers which be mainly members of the Corporate Investors Association of Turkey (CIAT).

Markets Will Determine Direction According To Internal Political Developments


Fund managers expect determination of direction according to internal political developments in the second quarter in the markets. As in the first quarter results, for the trimester, internal political developments near to half of the participants pointed to. Expectations and geopolitical developments regarding the interest rate increase of the US Federal Reserve also emerged as other determining factors.

Eyes In Eurobond, Stocks And Euro / Dollar

For the second quarter, while Eurobond was marked as the investment vehicle that will be most prominent by fund managers at 33 percent, The stock certificate came immediately after 29 percent of the vote. Euro / dollar follow these two investment vehicles as 24 percent.

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