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Necessary actions should be done to save the nature of world. Almost all people in the world aware of that there is a big environmental corruption since beginning of Industrial Revolution. By using newly designed industrial materials in all areas of life, the usage of fossil – based fuels has increased quite fastly. As a reaction of this situation, there has been a big movement from environmentalists in order to save the world and living things in it. Last a few decades this movement had an accelaration. Searching new ways to supply energy from renewable sources, trying to live with zero waste, saving forests from demolition, trying to live a sustainable life in every manner are just a few examples of this sensitive and responsible movements of saving environment. However, this actions need support from governments such as in Turkey in Istanbul.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) had planted 179.656 number of tree seedling plant and seeds

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) had an action in order to increase green areas in Istanbul and make the city oxygen rich for people living in and visiting it. For this manner, totally 179.656 tree, seedling plant and seeds was planted in 2017. In order to observe healthy developments of these plants, they had chosen as fitting the city climate. Some of these plants were linden, plane, hackberry, cypress, hornbeam, tulip, acacia.

Istanbul has gained a giant green area

Also, by doing necessary landscape rearrenagements, Istanbul city had been earned 2 milion and 18 tausand metersquare area of green place by IBB actions. In accordance to these arrangements, 30 milion of tulip, 73 milion and 255 tausand saesonal flower and almost 2 milion rose had been produced. Bahçe Market, a brand of Municipality Tree Inc., has sold almost 21 tausands of seedling plants.

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