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The title deed, locally known as “Tapu”, is a legal document executed and acknowledged under the seal and in the presence of an official authority or a notary evidencing the right of ownership to a property. In Turkey it’s issued and archived by the land registry and cadaster directorate in Turkey. Since it’s an official document in Turkish language we will try in this section to explain to you in details the contents and the vocabulary used in this certificate.

Meaning of used designations

In the title deed we fin 3 different boxes with different information:

1 st box: Regarding the main property

we find in this part description location and cadastral coordinates of the property as followed:

Information referring to the location of the property:
  • City
  • Village
  • Town
  • Street
  • District
  • Area
Information referring to the coordinates and the details of the property:
  • Sheet Number
  • Feature: Whether it’s vacant, cultivated or land with buildings
  • Plot/ block number
  • Parcel Number
  • Area/ Size of the land of the property

At the end of this part, there are 3 important boxes to tick:

KAT MULKIYETI: Condominium

Simply means multiple dwellings which form part of Turkish development estates, will have to have their own freehold titles registered in the name(s) of the legal owner.

KAT IRTIFAKI: Construction Servitude 

As opposed to “Kat Mulkiyeti”, simply means “right to use part of a larger asset”, in other words it is similar to ownership of a share of an estate, a share being equivalent in most cases to number of apartments, villas etc legally and contractually “owned” by Turkey property buyers.

DEVRE MULK: Time Share

This shows timeshare ownership

2nd box: Independent Section regarding the acquired rights of the owner:

  • Purchase price:
  • Land share: Belonging land proportion
  • Parcel Block number
  • Floor number
  • Independent unit number
  • Reason of purchase
  • Name(S) of current owner(s)
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