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 Home    House Return Time is 21 Years in Adana

Depreciation, or return period, is the term in which the buyer of an apartment as an investment vehicle recovers the investment price through rent or value increase. In order for an investment to be seen as a profitable investment it is very important to be able to pay for it in a short time. If this investment vehicle is a house, the duration of the depreciation will be short or long, depending on the residential area and the facilities around it. The total return time in Adana ise 21 years and this time period is behind the Turkey’s general value.

Return time changes to the type of house

In Adana the return period of the houses varies according to the size of the house. 1+1 houses returns in 13 years while 2+1 houses returns in 18 years. 3+1 houses returns in 21 years and at the same time the average rental value is 1.142 TL.

The lowest return period is in Ankara

In Ankara, the average gross area is 133 square meters, the unit price is 1,850 TL / m2, the housing price is 244,000 and the return period is 16 years. According to the figures at the end of July, housing turnover times in major cities were determined. The average gross area of ​​the houses in Istanbul is 118 square meters, the average unit price is 4,400 TL / m2, the average house price is 517,000 TL. and the average return period is 21 years.

How is the housing return time calculated?

Those who want to calculate the return period of housing can calculate the average depreciation time by dividing the monthly rental price of the purchase price of the house to be invested. Considering that the price of the dwelling will increase in this process, it can be considered that the depreciation period will start to shorten in time.

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