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About 1 million 341 thousand houses were sold in Turkey during the last year. Those people who had cash to buy house, bought their houses and those ones who couldn’t support it had to get a bank loan. The head of the Board of the Directors of ‘Birevim’, Murat Ciftci, expressed his thoughts with the following words:’Within a few years, the sector based on interest-free loan for buying houses will grow. And the companies operating in ths sector will also increase proportionally to this growth.’


The middle and low income families in Turkey, who make the 60 to 70 percent of whole population, work hard to get a house. And because of this,it became very important to develop innovative methods for sector to make this families a homeowner and to increase the sales of the houses up to 2 million. Birevim, which is in the interest free real estate sector, continues to work to make the middle and low income families homeowners and to increase the sales up to 2 million. Birevim also states that it is very important for Turkey to make innovations in methods for low income families to get a house.

‘With the right and powerful strategies ,-says the Chairman,- it will be easy for middle and low income families to get a house, too. In a few years, the sector which the Birevim is also part of, will grow. And along with this growing ,the number of companies of sector will also grow.’

Ciftci continues his words this way: ‘According to the fact that the sector is getting bigger day by day,we think that about 100 thousands of people will become a homeowner monthly.We,as the Birevim, make our best to make people meet their needs in a shorter time than normal with the model based on free of interest house loan.’

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