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 Home    It is More Logical To Buy a House Rather Than Rent It

It feels more comfortable for everyone being in their own houses. In rent, people are not that free to do all changes that they want to do. Even driving a nail can be a problem because it is someone elses house at the end. All decoration thoughts can stay as dreams but nothing else.

All the reverse cases are possible if the house belongs to yourself. An owner have all the rights to do all changes, restorations, decorations etc. An owner is basicly a free person in his/her house.

Moving process is a nightmare

Moving process from one place to another have lots of difficulties both mentally and costly. Packing of things is a very stressful process by itself. Also, the possibility of damaging things is another issue, especially if the furnitures or other things have important values. It costs a lot due to paying deposits, workers in moving etc. Thus, it can be said that owning a house rahter than renting it will delete all these problems.

Saving time and money

Owning a house will provide a peaceful and comfort living area. It is an investment for future with increasing value. Having a house will give a guarantee to overcome different diffuculties which can be faced in daily and future life because there will be a place to fell free, to escape. Also, it will give a financial support in some cases such as moving another city and renting the house. All in all, having a house will not only be having a place but also an investment.

Money for peace

Instead of giving money for rent, spending money for their own houses will make people more happy and peaceful due to having a free place for themselves.

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