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Kartal is one of the most active real estate markets in Istanbul in recent years. Metro and Justice Palace has become an important point of attraction by entering the service area and old sites of Kartal.

D100 and TEM highways, Osmangazi Bridge, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Marmaray and high speed train have made it a good alternative for both production and demand sides.


When you look at the projects in the district with views of the Islands, it is observed that there are offices, home-office projects on the D-100 Highway, and projects in housing concept, generally towards Yakacık and coastline.

Underlining that the fact that Kartal is one of the pilot regions in urban transformation makes the region interesting, Kartal says that in the following years Kartal will become an important center in Marmara Basin. The proximity to the long coastal strip, Aydos Forests, geographical location, financial center and public investments, the landscape and the investor-friendly approach of the local government brightened Kartal’s star. It is known that 73% of household investors in Kartal, who is currently constructing more than 11 houses in 37-branded project, prefer the region for the session.

Kartal is the most valued in recent years and offers a high premium to the investors at the beginning of the region in 2011, the price range of houses ranging from thousand 500 to 4 thousand 500 pounds, today, this figure varies between 4 thousand and 13 thousand pounds.

When you look at qualified housing projects in Kartal, it is seen that the average square meters are 4-5 thousand in the Yakacık region, 6-7 thousand along the D-100 axis, and about 10-13 thousand lira in the coast line.

Over the past three years, housing prices have increased by 60 percent, and the return on investment in the region has risen to 25 years. In the districts where more small apartments are preferred, 35 percent of the houses in the rising projects constitute 1 room 1 living room and 33 percent 2 rooms 1 living room.

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