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Ceyhunket offers the ideal solution for those looking for rent apartments with all kinds of options for rental apartments. The Ceyhunkent project, organized by TOKI in Ceyhan province of Adana, offers the pleasure of sitting on the site with 296 houses. Ceyhunkent residences where the project sales and lottery shootings were made from April 13th; 3 + 1, 2 + 1 and 1 + 1 circle types come forward. Those who own the project can own residences if they want to, if they wish, but they can use them for investment purposes. With the Ceyhunkent project, the Ceyhan people are provided with a residential area where they can park their cars comfortably, with plenty of spacious, green spaces.


Those who want to buy a house or rent a house on the Ceyhunkent project get the chance to live in one of the most spacious sites in the region. The Ceyhunkent project is presented as a project consisting of 7 blocks built on 13.812 square meters of land. Ceyhunkent, which consists of two blocks of 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments and 5 blocks of 3 + 1 apartments, expects 296 apartments and receivers in total. The Ceyhunkent project, unlike the site mantra of Ceyhan, has a large green area and parking area. This is where Ceyhunkent rental apartments or apartments for sale begin to live in a spacious living area. In Ceyhunkent, 30% of the construction site, but 70% of the green space application, creates a space that breathes inside the city. Thanks to the 18-meter gaps between the blocks, the site moves away from disturbing factors such as sound, wind and sun.


The completed Ceyhunkent project provides site residents with 24-hour security with special security, as well as features that make life comfortable, such as car parks, green spaces, camellia, children’s play areas.


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