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 Home    Market Dynamics Do Not Agree With Turkstat “despite Record-breaking Housing Sales, The Stagnation İn The Market İs Making The Sector Representatives Uneasy

According to TURKSTAT data, housing sales record , while sector representatives point out that the data do not match the facts. TURKSTAT data shows that in Turkey, an increase of 29 percent in September, 140 thousand 298 houses are sold. Despite the figures, housing sector representatives say that there is stagnation in the sector.

According to EYG Group Chief Executive Officer Ömer Faruk Celik, the slowdown in the housing price increase is indicative of the malaise in the market. In August, housing prices recorded the slowest increase in the last 7 years with 11.3 percent, while the rise in housing prices in Istanbul was at a historically low level.

Steel notes that price-selling incompatibility with the following words: “The dynamics of the market explained by the Turkstat do not coincide with each other, and there is sadness and unhappiness in the market that the price increase slows down. “We have to look at the problems between the general dynamics of the market and the data declared by the Turkstat.”

Another point that the housing sector is criticized by the support of new campaigns is the credit giving appetite of the banks. This is the subject that needs to be emphasized, according to Çelik, who says “It is always talked about interest rates”.

Bearing in mind that the lending appetite of the banks is closed, Çelik reminds that all the banks compete to give loans when the housing or construction sector used loans in the previous periods.


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