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Assembly of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the fourth meeting of November meetings, IETT General Directorate’s “2018 Annual Budget and Performance Program” was discussed. IETT General Manager Arif Emecen told the activities. According to the Anatolia news agency, Emecen stated that they are the first targets of improving the comforts of traveling with Metrobus and they are continuing the improvement projects. “With the planned Beylikdüzü-Silivri route, the people of Istanbul will get one more fast and comfortable transportation services.” said.


On average, 503 new vehicles a day are flying in Istanbul. Istanbul, one of the largest cities in the world, has approximately 2.5 million private vehicles, 17 thousand 395 taxis, 572 cab-minibuses, 6 thousand 412 minibuses, 66 thousand 269 service minibuses and 6 thousand 163 buses.

Metrobus Line is Being Extended

In Istanbul, the buses service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Emecen, “IETT continues to be Europe’s latest fleet with 3,131 buses with an average age of 5,15 IETT, together with Private Public Bus and Bus AŞ buses which are responsible for inspection and execution, We continue to improve the comfort of our journeys with our 590. Our first goal is to increase the comfort of the journey.With 52 kilometers and 45 stations, we continue without slowing down our improvement projects.With the planned Beylikdüzü-Silivri route, the people of Istanbul will be served with the fastest and most comfortable transportation services. ”

Arif Emecen voiced that they have rearranged all the bus lines serving in Istanbul as a main line model. Emecen said, “By arranging the line structure to be centralized from every location to be integrated to the nearest metro or metrobus station from every location, it is possible to increase the frequency of the lines and shorten the travel time so that a more comfortable transportation service is provided in a shorter time.  “

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