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 Home    One third of the malls didn’t make a discount !

President of the United Marks Association, Oncel stated: ‘One third of the shopping centers has not made any discounts to the prices of the rent yet’ – ‘ Some of the shopping malls made a discount but there are a lot of malls that haven’t made any discounts yet, especially those whose heads are the foreigners. In this case we mostly concentrate in North Africa, Central Europe and Russia.

“It is in the first case injustce for those investors who made the discount” said Oncel and continued with the following words:

‘In instance, one of our brothers sees our challenges and understands us and says to himself that I have to give a support. But some İnvestors by his side say that if you wanted me to make a discount, you shouldn’t have signed the paper. They don’t want to understad the reality that the conditions when they signed the paper are not the same today.’

Oncel also stated that two third of the malls who made discount had different ways of applications.


‘Let’s say a shopping center makes a 50 percent discount to one tenant, 30 percent to the other .There are the ones who say that they make 25 percent discount to all of their tenants. Some pay for it in lira, some in dolars and others in euros. These are all made by agreements.’

‘But finally we want this problem to be solved soon ‘ said Sinan Oncel.

In his last statement Oncel said that the members of the United Marks Association who want to open 500 stores in foreign countries mostly concentrate İn North Africa, Russian and Central Europe.

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