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The package comes from the government to cut interest rates. The Economic Coordination Board (EKK) is holding a meeting on the meeting from last week. A new package is being prepared to encourage investments. It is stated that the package will be announced within 15 days immediately after the completion of the preparations of President Tayyip Erdogan. It is stated that there will be a step to think about the payday interests. It is mentioned that the Treasury’s costs will be reduced by this step.

EKK(The Economic Coordination Board) is meeting regularly

The government took over the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) last year to make it easier for the real sector to borrow money from banks. KGF loans continue this year. However, it is stated that the government is now working on a package to regain interest rates this time. It was stated that the Economic Coordination Board was convened three times over the past week and lasted until April 2 on April 2. At the meetings, it was noted that the new package preparation for investors was discussed and the formula was searched for interest rates to be reduced.

Administrative regulation on the subject

It is stated that the formula in EKK is a model that disrupts the memorandum, and that the step to be taken with regard to interest will be passed on with the administrative regulation, not with the legal regulation. It is stated in the backstage that an arrangement will be made which will cause the Treasury to lessen the debt with the new model to be announced. It is said that the rise of interest rates will be prevented in this way. It is stated that while the arrangement to be made will record the interest rate cuts to be reflected in different sectors, it will be a stunning arrangement for the citizens.

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