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In the real estate tax, the unit values of the square meters, which will be effective from 1 January 2018, will burn the citizen’s pocket. Büyükdere Street in Levent in Istanbul, went from 2,800 liras to 24,500 liras in seven years, Besiktas Balli Street 700 liras went to 11 thousand 500 liras. In the villa area Zekeriyaköy, the streets of Akçaağaç and Aksöğüt remained in a thousand 500 liras.


The unit values renewed every 4 years in the real estate tax were re-determined this year. The Mayor or his or her deputy, a commissioner from the municipality, a deputy registry manager or deputy, 1 member from the chamber of commerce, 2 representatives from the Ministry of Finance and village or neighborhood chiefs, determined the new unit values, street by street individually. New unit values in the real estate tax will be effective from January 1, 2018, and real estate taxes in the new year will be paid over these values. During real estate transactions, the value of the title deed will not be lower than the value of the real estate tax. After the old unit values that brought with it big arguments, the values of 2018 are also arguable.


The municipalities, during the last fixations made this year, increased the value of early 2010 to 8, 9. The increase rates exceeded 700 percent in Istanbul. In many cities, inflation was well overvalued. One of these is Beşiktaş. Levent Neighborhood in the province of Büyükdere Caddesi, which is connected to the county, was 2,800 liras per square meter in 2010, 24 thousand 500 liras for the year 2018 was determined. Ballı Sokak also connected to the same neighborhood, the 700 square meters in 2010, the value of the square, from the beginning of 2018 elevated to 11 thousand 500 liras. Up to 183 per cent of the new attraction centers of Anatolian side are also in Ümraniye. Ihlamur Kuyu Alemdağ Street, which is close to the Istanbul Financial Center in the district, has become a point of view of contractors and investors. The value of 300 liras in 2010 increased by 183% to 850 liras in the year 2010 and it increased from 150 liras to 425 liras in İstiklal Mahallesi. In the Site Quarter near Istanbul Finance Center, the lowest 65 and the highest 800 liras were up to 2,500 liras.


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