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Anadolu Houses
1 Bedroom

Anadolu Houses

İstanbul / Çekmeköy

Anadolu Houses is a project taking place in Çekmeköy, a district located in the Asian side of İstanbul that is known to be one of the most valuable investment areas. The project aims to bring the concept of houses with gardens and terraces back to the city living by being situated right beside a pine forest while providing the residents with maximum luxury and comfort.

Anadolu houses is close to many public and private schools, hospitals, shopping malls as well as public transportation services that allow the residents to reach the central city if need be.

Anadolu Houses is made up of 66 houses with the options of 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1, ranging from 172 m2 to 322 m2 in size, allowing the residents to live in spacious houses and experience living on a different level rather than the traditional understanding of residences and apartment buildings. Anadolu Houses includes stores that provide the residents to access anything they may need easily and in a short time. The projects offers many additional facilities and services such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools for both adults and kids, playgrounds, a fitness center, walking track, sauna, cafes as well as security surveillance.


What makes Anadolu Houses unique compared to the other projects is the importance it gives to living in the nature, away from the city while having easy access to it. Being located near a pine forest, Anadolu Houses aims its residences to live in a clean environment with lots of oxygen, balanced climate, 90% reduced radiation levels, dust free air, quiet surroundings as well as a safer environment with reduced risks of natural disasters. The residents of Anadolu houses will experience living in nature to its fullest in a metropolitan city.

  • Cafe & Restaurants
  • Shopping Mall
  • Swimming Pools
  • Walking Paths
  • Outdoor Parking
  • Parking Garage
  • Green Area
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Social Facility
  • Fitness Center
  • Child Park
  • Project concept : Residence
  • Land's area : 19,000 m²
  • Delivery date : December 2020
  • Unit count : 61
  • Unit types : 3+1 , 4+1 , 5+1
  • Unit size range : 134 - 321 m²
  • Floor count : 4
  • Block count : 9
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