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Bursa Residence

Osmangazi, Bursa,
For Sale
Bursa Real Estate


BAKYAPI GROUP is a company, that operates for 25 years in construction, food and service industries.
With 25 years of professional experience, Bakyapı Group, which has lived with the proud of giving 6000 houses to people up to now, has brand new projects (and will continue) in Istanbul, Çanakkale and Sakarya after the city of Bursa where it owes its steady growth and flourishes and continues to serve its clients.
Company has succeded in all of its enterprises and investments, since everything it does is done with high quality standarts including workmanship applications, lndscape and Project design
Working with the principle of ‘idyllic living spaces’, valuing and respecting the human life, BAKYAPI, having specalized in domicile projects of Bursa, is remaining the growing locomotive of Bursa even today.


The location is close to many important places such as metro station, Uludag University, City Center,
Kent shopping mall, Bursa Zoo.
• Metro station – 5 km;
• Uludag University – 800 m;
• City Center – 6 km;
• KENT shopping mall ( KENT AVM) – 5 km;
• Zoo of Bursa – 4 km.



3 ROOM APARTMENT (3+1) – 130 square meters – 122.000 USD – 470.000 TL
3+1 DUPLEX – 190 square meters – 144.000 USD – 555.714 TL
2 ROOM APARTMENTS (2+1) – 121 square meters – 110.000 USD – 427.143 TL
2+1 DUPLEX (TYPE 4) – 128 square meters – 107.000 USD – 412.857 TL
2+1 DUPLEX (TYPE 5) 107 square meters – 103.000 USD – 398.571 TL


Walking Paths
Mini Football Field
Parking Place
Fitness Center
Swimming Pools
Children\'s Playground
Steam Room

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