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Çekmeköy Residences
1 Bedroom
Çekmeköy Residences

Çekmeköy Residences

İstanbul / Çekmeköy

Çekmeköy Residences is located in the Asian side of Istanbul where it feels like you are living somewhere outside this metropolitan city but a place in the middle of nature surrounded by peace and quiet.

Çekmeköy Residences has an open swimming pool along with a pool for children, playgrounds in the nature, saunas, fitness centers, a parking garage and even more facilities and services. 24/7 security surveillance is always there to make sure Çekmeköy Residences residents are safe.

Spacious Apartments in a Residence Concept

Çekmeköy Residences has 4-floor buildings that have 409 apartments in total. There are different unit sizes ranging from 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 to 4+1 in between 66 m2 and 209 m2. The apartments in Çekmeköy Residences are designed with high ceilings and they have balconies for a spacious atmosphere.

Çekmeköy Residences also includes the Foldhome concept that is specially designed. Regardless of your residential unit size, the Foldhome concept offers residents 24 separate rooms specifically designed for certain needs and purposes such as a cinema room, a gaming room, a guest room, a meeting room and so on. The Foldhome concept is appreciated due to its subscription free system that only charges reasonable amount of money for every use. Thus, you do not have to pay for something you are not using but if you want to use them, they are always at your service.

Once in a Life Time Experience

Çekmeköy Residences offers a life of calmness, seclusion and peace in the middle of the nature in a metropolitan city like Istanbul. This one of a kind experience is something that only comes once in a lifetime.

  • Social Facility
  • Fitness Center
  • Sauna
  • Walking Areas
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