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G Tower
İstanbul/Basın Express
1 Bedroom

G Tower

İstanbul / Basın Express

G Tower is situated in a rising area, Güneşli, earning its reputation due its closeness and easy access route to the new airport of Istanbul. G Tower promises the comfort of a luxurious, five-star hotel. The personal services provided have a wide range from waking up services, sending and receiving messages and fax, emergency medical help, to extra services like cleaning, concierge, technical service, laundry and dry cleaning and many more.

Divan Residence at G Tower promises a life-long comfort and luxury of a vacation at a five-star hotel in the coziness of your very home. Knowing the time is very important to its residents, Divan Residence at G Tower offers to deal with anything you may wish or need, giving you an opportunity to spare time to live your life.

Thinking Every Detail for the Residents

Divan Residence at G Tower is a one block structure providing 432 residential areas with the smallest option being 1+1 in 61 m2. One of the significant features of this project in its structure is the ceiling height of 3.10 cm. Another surprising aspect that is rarely found in residences is that Divan Residence at G Tower provides open balcony for each residential unit.

In addition to personal services, Divan Residence at G Tower includes facilities such as a closed pool, a sauna, a fitness center, a parking garage along with fundamental services like 24/7 security surveillance to make sure the residents enjoy a life in safety.
The location of Divan Residence at G Tower is not only unique due to its closeness to the new airport but it also takes the closeness to public transportation to another level by allowing the subway go right under the structure itself providing a special elevator taking the residents directly to the subway station.

  • Shopping Mall
  • Walking Paths
  • Outdoor Parking
  • Parking Garage
  • Green Area
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Social Facility
  • Fitness Center
  • Sauna
  • Child Park
  • Project concept : Hotel apartments
  • Land's area : 11,000 m2
  • Delivery date : September 2019
  • Unit count : 432
  • Unit types : 1+1
  • Unit size range : 61 - 200 m2
  • Floor count : 30
  • Block count : 1
  • 30 Min.
  • 15 Min. provides services to help you with all of the bureaucratic processes of acquiring citizenship and moving to Turkey, along with the quality help regarding finding real estate to successfully invest in.