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İstanbul Tower

İstanbul Tower

İstanbul / Şişli

İstanbul Tower is located in Mecidiyeköy, an area known to be one of the business centers in Istanbul, providing easy access to work for its residents without spending their valuable time on the way. İstanbul Tower is close to all the public transportation services and the Bosphorus Bridge that connects the two continents. Reaching to the other side has never been so easy!

İstanbul Tower wins the heart of nature lovers with its Leed Gold Certificate for being a structure that provides up to 30% energy efficiency. Parallel to its eco-friendly approach, the residence also has 5 electrical vehicle charging stations for those who have already started to live for a better future.

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Eco-Friendly and Perfect for Business

İstanbul Tower is built on 6.842 m2 ground and has 243 home offices, 12 offices and 36 stores, all independent of each other yet can also be put together if need be. İstanbul Tower is mainly designed with the concept of a home office to offer its residents a place that can be either their home or office or even a home office if they wish it to be so.

İstanbul Tower has taken everything into consideration to provide a better life for its residents. Open common spaces for socialization, stores, cafes and hairdressers, in addition to concierge services, a bicycle parking lot and showers are only a few things that you can have access to in this residence. 4 meters high ceilings, sound proof yet pop-up windows, central air conditioning and 11 elevators are the details that make İstanbul Tower perfect for business.

An Office That Feels Like Home

İstanbul Tower brings the business life to you by allowing you to have an office at the comfort your own home and the luxury of a five-star hotel.