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Land 5

Cilingir Village,
For Sale
Istanbul Land


In this part I will give information about special area land. We know that Istanbul is a much biggest cıty in Turkey. There are more than 14 million people living. So for new properties and ınvestment some professional land much better. Because Istanbul growing with construction. So when people want to invest in this part need to understand another issue. If you want to creates property investment just following real estate and taking new information. General location is in Çilingir Village, Arnavutköy. Also Land area is a 4.550 m2. Also we are calculatıng for per m2. So per m2 is a 265 TL. General price is a 1.205.705 TL. So investment taking more chance and new opportunities.

General Information

  • Location: Çilingir Village , Arnavutköy
  • Land Area: 4.550 m²
  • Per m²: 265 TL
  • Price: 1.205.750 TL

Why invest in Arnavutköy

  • Areas close to the 3. Airport will have high investment value.
  • The North Marmara main road adjacent to the Third Bosphorus Bridge is passing in ten kilometre from the land location.
  • The real estate sector in Arnavutköy has been developing speedily because of Canal Istanbul, Third International airport Porject and also the Third Bosphorus Bridge and also the North Marmara main road.


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