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Land 8

Gumusdere Village,
For Sale
Istanbul Land


We know that Istanbul is a dıvıded from 2 continent. In Each continent we are seeing different project area. Peoples want to live in different land. Also people want to live in big metropolitan areas.
Different and Investment Places Zekeriyaköy

First of all, People need to understand real things this land close to the new 3 Airport. Every time new sustainable area project much better for a new invest. Moreover another important issue is about new bridge. New 3. Bridge is name Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Third Bosphorus Bridge is close to 10 kilometers from this land. So we know that Istanbul is a much biggest touristic and tourism area. People want to feel new details in different place. Also we see that modern and new specıal area for a people. New site and luxury hotels are there. So people want to create new destination.

General Information

  • Location: Gümüşdere Village , Zekeriyaköy, Sarıyer.
  • Land Area: 9.640 m²
  • Per m²: 1.100 TL
  • Price: 10.604.000 TL

Why invest in Zekeriyaköy

  • Areas close to the 3. Airport will have high investment value.
  • The North Marmara main road adjacent to the Third Bosphorus Bridge is passing in 10 km from the land location.
  • Most of Turkish tourism and consturction company have been developing villa and luxury hotel projects in the region.


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