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Sarıyer Villa 3

Sariyer, Istanbul,
For Sale
Real Estate on Bosphorus


Now I wıll gıve ınformatıon about new Vılla. Villa is a much better when people compare wıth apartment building. Because people it can used grand specıal garden and others area. The villa real facts size is a 300m2 and Lıvıng room is a 2. Another that bedroom is a 4 room. Also another ımportant ıssue is a bathroom. We see that 4 bathroom in villa. In thıs villa you can feelıng different reality and activities.



Size : 300 m2
Living Room : 2
Bedroom : 4
Bathroom : 4



1.700.000 USD


Basketball Court
Green Spaces
Parking Place
Swimming Pools

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