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Should I buy residence/apartment/villa to live in Istanbul? Should I buy a land to invest?

Correct investments are extremely important in rapidly developing İstanbul real-estate market. Before making the right decision with your consultant, you need to clarify your returns on your investments. You need to focus on different options if you want to increase your cash investment in short-term or if you want to start a new life in İstanbul after getting your Turkish citizenship.

If you want to buy a real estate close to central İstanbul, newly finished residence projects seem logical; if you want a peaceful and comfortable life outside the city, villa housing projects can be ideal for you. You can also invest in land in İstanbul that are rapidly growing and suitable for housing to guarantee long term transformation rates or you can take the first step for your future home.

How to get Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate market at Istanbul?

If you want to live in real estate or residence you have purchased in İstanbul, you will have different options. Also, you can diversify your investments to benefit from citizenship options for $250,000 investment provided by government of the Republic of Turkey. You can either buy one property or but multiple real estates to benefit from this option. Naturally, when you select the district you want to live, you will want a district with low crime rate or high education/social opportunities. We advise you to work with a consultant to benefit from free consultancy service during citizenship applications and to receive support from İstanbul based consultants when you select the best real estate option for your needs.