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Real Estate experts who say that it is no longer possible to find a place to rent in the “summer” areas of Istanbul, have once voiced their activity in Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris to the Mediterranean and South Marmara. Recalling that the summer rentals have already been reserved, experts say, “Now we are entering a turnaround for branded projects that will appeal to summer residents as the land is over in the cities. If we do not consider urban transformation projects, the projecting for a cottage will be less costly. Thus, those who focus on rental places would prefer to be a cottage owner, ” he says.


Bodrum is at the forefront of centers that attract attention for real estate firms and buyers every term. Those who are interested in real estate business for years in the region say, “It is the right time to buy real estate in Bodrum”. It is possible to have a house loan with a housing loan of 120 or 240 months instead of cash in Bodrum. There is a cottage according to each side from 280 thousand liras to 1.5 million dolars in the region.


Cesme, which is one of the most popular regions among the cottage options, had an increase of 17 percent and the square meter price was 4.612. Housing prices for sale in Didim, Aydın province increased by 13 percent and the average square meter increased to TL 1,300. Kusadasi’da increase of 13 percent, the average price was up to 1.567 lira. Balikesir – Ayvalık regions, prices increased by 13 percent to 1,625 liras, and in Bandirma over a thousand liras.


Silivri and Çatalca’s plot investments after the summer is also popular. Kanal Istanbul’s most uplifting investments will be the summers this year, which will clear the route. Experts say Tekirdağ, Balıkesir, Yalova and Bursa summer houses are indispensable for Istanbul residents, emphasizing that the price ranges in these regions are as valuable as living quarters. In fact, it is stated that prices in Yalova are higher than other regions.

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