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  1. What is Real Estate Certificate?

It is a real investment vehicle which will provide for individual or institutional investors to jointly trust real estate projects under supervision of CMB.

  1. How Does The System Work?

Suppose, for example, that a complete 2-block project consisting of 28 floors 7 floors is sold with a Real Estate Certificate. The project is divided into small shares on the basis of the independent section and the goodwill differences of the apartments are reflected in the number of shares during the allocation.

  1. How to Get A House With A Certificate?

Let the person who wants to buy a house from the project accumulate 100 thousand TL. Let’s assume that the preferred area is 500 thousand TL. You can get the first Real Estate Certificate with 100 thousand TL.

  1. Is The Certificate Intended To Sell M2 Apartment?

This is a partnership model. The aim is to share every income group with a real estate project and the value to be born from it.

  1. How Much Of A Budget is Required To Get A Certificate?

There is no limit to this.


  1. Are Investments Made By All Of Turkey?

Investment can be made in Turkey and all over the world.

  1. Is It Possible To Buy A House With Certificates?

House can be purchased with certificates.

  1. What Is The Purpose Of Trading In The Bourse?

The real estate certificate will be traded in the Stock Exchange Istanbul. Especially for institutional investors, real estate investment is more reliable.

  1. Where Is The Project Done?

The real estate certificate application is being done in Başakşehir district of Istanbul.

  1. Do You Have To Wait Until The End Of The Project To Sell The Certificate?

No, you can sell the real estate certificate at any time.

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