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According to the survey of RE/MAX Turkey, the real estate the price of which rose 174 percent in Istanbul, outpaced the stock market.

According to survey of RE/MAX Turkey in the last 10 years in the most valued districts of Istanbul across the subject areas of research, real estate prices in the province rose 174 percent. In the mentioned period, the increase of the stock market by about 110 percent, the calculation of the Central Bank considering the exchange rates, while the euro was 163 percent of the value of the real estate lagged behind.

In this period, the dollar rose by 226 percent, while the real estate prices increased by 291 percent in Kadıköy, 288 percent in Beşiktaş, 272 percent in Bakırköy, 259 percent in Sarıyer, 241 percent in Zeytinburnu and 224 percent in Küçükçekmece. The other provinces that experienced price increase on the average were Bagcilar with 222 percent, Maltepe with 212 percent, Kartal with 204 percent and Ümraniye with 180 percent.

Gold, which surpasses real estate in the sense of return to investors, has increased by 398 percent in the last 10 years.

– “Real estate investment, a safe harbor against fluctuations in the markets”

Karahan, stating that on the financial investment vehicle of the increase in apartment prices, said: “Istanbul’s return approaching 300 percent of the former and the resident district, still makes it very attractive to real estate sector. Furthermore, Turkey also said a similar situation in real estate prices in general. Real estate investment, is a safe haven for investors seeking alternatives to fluctuations in the market, and it is very attractive because it is the most profitable investment vehicle in the long run, while the real estate is almost never lost “.

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