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Current real estate prices in Kagithane have shown a remarkable increase in recent years. The fact that it is close to the Maslak – Levent region, one of the most critical business centers of Istanbul, has an important share in this value increase.

Property prices in the region, which has 19 neighborhoods, vary according to location. Seyrantepe, which is close to the Maslak region, the Police Houses, the Celiktepe neighborhoods and the most crowded place of the county, are the more expensive locations.


Current real estate prices in Kagithane

Current real estate prices in Kagithane are increasing every year. The prices of 1 + 1 apartments in the region start from 150.000 TL and rise to 850.000 TL. Given the cheapest rent values, 1 + 1 apartments have a depreciation time of 10 years.

2 + 1 apartments are usually preferred by people working in business centers close to the region and by families with children. The prices of 2 + 1 apartments start from 170.000 TL and rise to 1.150.000 TL. The most luxurious of these apartments is usually the apartments of the residential projects in the center of the town. Luxury housing projects have many social activities and green parks within their borders. 2 + 1 apartments with the most suitable prices in the district are located in Hamidiye, Çağlayan and Nurtepe neighborhoods.

3 + 1 apartments in the district start from 210.000 TL and rise up to 1.275.000 TL. 4 + 1 apartments start from 360,000 TL and up to 750,000 TL.

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